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Mettler Toledo Point of Sale Weighing Scales are available in the Central Carolina Scale Electronic Catalog


Mettler Toledo Viva POS Scale Retail Counter Scale VIVA-3211

First and foremost, Viva delivers what you want – complete accuracy along with reliableand durable performance. The ultimate Check-Out Scale!

Features and Benefits
Checkout - Interfaces with Most POS and PC Systems for Quick Checkout
Batching - Excellent for Portion Control and Ingredient Measurement
Self Service - Useful for Self Service Weighing or Estimating
Backlit LCD
Tower and base mount standard

Product Description
In addition, this scale connects to most point-of-sale systems for checkout applications and to personal computers for many other applications that require weight data. Viva is also perfect for manual batching applications, such as controlling the weight of ingredients added to a recipe. Finally, many supermarkets are replacing mechanical estimating scales found in fresh self service areas of the store with a more accurate and durable electronic scale. Whether standing alone, or connected to a computer, Viva is an excellent solution for your weighing needs. NTEP Approved.

Mettler Toledo Viva Point of Sale Scale POS

Power supply 9 VDC Wall Transformer for 120/220 VAC
Min. Capacity 6 kg
Temperature range -10°C to 40°C / 14°F to 104°F
Display Backlit LCD
Interfaces RS-232, Most POS System Protocols Included, OPOS
Maximum Capacity 30 lb / 15 kg
Performance Ultimate Checkout Scale


METTLER TOLEDO VIVA Scale w/ Rounded Corners
(Base Size: 11” x 12.4”)

VIVA-3211-000 Capacity: 30 lb x .01 lb
Also available: Optional RS232 POS/PC Cable for Viva


METTLER TOLEDO VIVA In-Counter Scale w/ Square Corners
(Base Size: 10.9” x 12.9”)

VIVA-3221-000 Capacity: 30 lb x .01 lb
Also available: Optional RS232 POS/PC Cable for Viva



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